Wednesday, November 20, 2013


My older sister Alex isn't just a talented wedding photographer, she is also a nanny to the cutest two and a half year old boy named Henry. Henry has been in front of the camera since he was born, posing for Alex as often as she wanted. I think after doing this for so long Henry got a little bored and wanted to mix things up a bit. So one day after posing for Alex, he said to her "Alec! Take a photo of me like this." then he told her he wanted to take a photo of her doing that exact pose. 
Needless to say this has turned into one of the most hilarious and adorable photo series I have ever seen. Now everyday they walk around Toronto while Henry scouts out his next photo shoot location. I am usually on the phone with her when she is walking around with him, and I can hear him in the background yelling at Alex to "Stop the stroller!" because he has found his location.
My favorite part is that Alex has to get into the most ridiculous poses that Henry creates, while typically in a busy, public area, so people will walk by and just stare. They're probably wondering why she is posing like a freak while a two year old is taking a photo of her. 
I definitely see a very successful future for Henry, as both a photographer and a model. I can't wait to see this kid grow up!

To follow Alex and Henry's concepts check out her Instagram.

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  1. I can't figure out who is having the most fun here. Love it. ~ heidi